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The Top 3 Most Infuriating Things about WordPress and How to Fix Them

The Top 3 Most Infuriating Things about WordPress and How to Fix Them

Using WordPress is associate expertise that’s a great deal like victimization another CMS, however it’s conjointly associate expertise that’s utterly not like victimization the other CMS.

Maybe it’s the “duct tape,” DIY nature of PHP cryptography, perhaps it’s the first-to-market nature of any product that explodes into worldwide recognition, or even it’s one thing entirely indefinable. regardless of the reason(s), several internet developers hold that teaching yourself WordPress it a ceremony of passage—some variety of a vision quest into the guts of the digital forest. Some ar when their skilled content creation spirit guide, whereas others ar simply trying to find the foremost direct route to casual blogging. no matter what you ultimately intend victimization WordPress could be a method can bring you to the sting of saneness and back with its displeasing provision and mind-blowing reasoning for nearly each a part of its style. You may also visit hide my wordpress plugin

The whole ritual typically includes, however isn’t restricted to the subsequent 10 things.

1. Plugins

The Problem:

The WordPress plugins repository could be a labyrinth of out of print versions and half-patched enhancements. For every solid plugin author (for example, Yoast) there’s aiming to be dozens of knockoffs floating up from the murky depths of the PHP world all attempting to piggyback on the recognition of extremely generic internet terms (like ‘SEO plugin’).Then, you have got to travel through the ordeal of attempting to work out that add-ons ar either incompatible together with your theme, or incompatible with different add-ons.

Finally, although you manage to fill all of the holes within the practicality you’re when, eventually you understand that the additional plugins you add, the additional you web site goes to slow to a loathsome crawl.

The Solution:

Using WordPress plugins is like taking part in one game of electronic Jenga with a drunk partner, and if you update WordPress itself, another plugin, a theme, a widget, or any variety of different things, it’s likely to bring those wood rectangles unmitigated down. the recommendation here is to seek out that combination that works—then pray.

  1. WYSIWYG Editing

The Problem:

At no purpose in (proper) internet development must you suppose to yourself, “I am very afraid to press this button straight away.”

Yet for several folks that area unit writing media and stylistically made content, change back associated forth between the WordPress ‘Visual’ and ‘Code’ tabs is within the same emotional ballpark as walking across an previous WWII landmine field. you’re scared—possibly for your business life.

Just to present you a bit little bit of background on the WordPress editor:

  • It’s missing basic/expected features: tables, a form builder, and CSS class imports
  • It’s riddled with known flaws: no HTML in full screen, removes all code except <div>, and the <div> that are left destroy paragraph spacing.
  • Has been like this since day one.

The Solution:

If you’re searching for a handful top quality alternatives, cross-check the Advanced, and supreme little MCE editor plugins for a feel acquainted to the native WordPress editor. Or strive one thing fully new with the CKEditor.

3. Five (or more) Different Areas just to make an Edit

The Problem:

Developing associate economical work flow in WordPress is next to not possible.

Sorry if I actually have angry you, but it is. No, no, don’t fight it; simply settle for it. despite however economical you’re thinking that you’re, you’re still left with the anxiety that WordPress can ne’er be used as a case study for extremely economical work flow. After all, if you would like to form a modification on a page, likelihood is that you’ll have to be compelled to navigate to any variety of, or all of the subsequent areas:

  •  The page itself
  • One or more widgets
  • The style sheet
  • The settings for relevant plugins
  • Finally, the settings for your theme

The Solution:


There is very no resolution to the current downside as a result of it’s simply inherent to the code. see you later as you’re (power) mistreatment the WordPress programme you’ll invariably sound such as you area unit enjoying Starcraft a pair of within the Master League. you’ll notice no useful suggestion here.


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