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Mobile Legend Heroes Basic Guide for Beginner

Mobile Legend Heroes Basic Guide for Beginner

mobile legends could be a multiplayer on-line battle game. The goal of the sport is to achieve the enemy’s base and destroy it whereas defensive your own base. You and four alternative team members that area unit arbitrarily hand-picked from players across the world can fight against another team of five. You and your team ought to defend your base for path management, fighting each AI and opponent enemies, and destroying turrets till you destroy the enemy base.


If you’re the sort UN agency likes selection, mobile legends incorporates a long list of heroes separated by sort or role. Some hero’s area unit even mixed types/roles.

Check the Hero screen for specs and details to know what your hand-picked hero will do. Here area unit a number of the essential Hero sorts you’ll find:

1. Tank

These heroes have higher Hit Points (HP) and area unit best for defense. Their main purpose is to soak up harm from the frontlines. If your hero is a lot of fragile, it’d be a decent plan to urge behind your team’s Tank as they’re a bit harder to kill.

2. Fighter

These heroes area unit designed a lot of for speed and close-combat. they need many tools in their arsenal to quickly shut distance. whereas not as sturdy Tanks, they will still take successful and might facilitate parcel out major harm to enemy lines. It’s typically not the simplest plan to let enemy Fighter sorts get about to you.

3. Assassin

While Fighters area unit sensible for shut combat, Assassins concentrate on battle positioning to deliver plan of action and deadly strikes to their enemies. note that they often have lower H.P. compared to Fighters to its best for seasoned gamers to use them.

4. Mage

These sorts area unit ranged significant hitters inflicting harm and effects to close enemies with their magic. They are, however, a bit low on defense and sturdiness if you’re mistreatment this sort, use caution with trudging through lanes on your own.

5. Marksman

Like Mages, Marksmen area unit distance hitters however use physical harm rather than wizard. Compared to Mages, the shot could be a bit quicker on the attack thus they’re excellent for quickly destroying turrets. Rather like Mages, they’re conjointly a bit low on sturdiness thus it’s best to try them up with the lot of sturdy sorts in addition.

6. Support

As the name implies, these hero sorts aid and shield their less sturdy teammates just like the Mage and shot. whereas the title suggests a less exciting and a lot of retiring role, don’t let your guard down around these sorts or they’ll polish off you before you recognize it.


When you have five or a lot of heroes and your account is a minimum of Level eight, you’ll be able to begin to play in hierarchical games. Hierarchical games area unit match-ups with teammates and opponents of comparable strength. You’ll be able to either endure a Solo game or invite your friends to play during a double or 5-player match-up  that’s if they’re only 1 division Higher or below you.

There area unit seven divisions during this kind of play. From very cheap to the best tier, these are:

Grand Master



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